1.3 - Gephi 0.9 compatible
Current recommended version since Mar. 2022.

Graph structure and attributes:
  • Add "kind" attribute on edge to support multi-graph (i.e. parallel edges).
  • The edge weight is now a "double" instead of a "float".
  • The edge id is now optional.
  • Add "xsd:long" as possible idtype on "graph".
  • Add new attribute types "bigdecimal", "biginteger", "char", "short" and "byte".
  • Add new list attributes like "listboolean" or "listinteger" for each atomic type.
  • Add a timezone attribute on "graph" to use as a timezone in case it's omitted in the element timestamps
  • Open intervals attributes "startopen" and "endopen" are removed. Use regular inclusive start and end instead
  • Remove start and end attributes on "attributes" as it was redundant with "graph" attributes
  • Add the ability to represent time with single timestamps instead of intervals. We want feature parity between the two time representations but note they can't be mixed.
  • Add a "timerepresentation" enum in "graph" with either interval (default) or timestamp to configure the way the time is represented.
  • Add timestamp attribute to "node", "edge", "spell" and "attvalue" to support this new time representation.
  • Add a timestamps attribute to "node" and "edge" to represent a list of timestamps without having to use spells. Similarly, add a intervals attribute to "node" and "edge".
  • The optional mode attribute on "graph" now has an additional slice value, in addition of static and dynamic. With slice, the expectation is that the "graph" also has either a timestamp or start / end intervals.
  • Add a timestamp attribute on "graph" to characterise the slice this graph represent. Change the meaning of the start and end attributes on "graph" to either characterise the slide instead of the time bounds, which should rather be inferred.
  • Add hex attribute on "color" so it can support values like #FF00FF.
  • The z position is no longer required
  • Dynamic attributes like start, end or child elements "spells" are no longer supported for viz attributes. To represent viz attributes over time, an alternative is to create multiple graphs each representing a slice.

1.2 - Gephi 0.8 compatible
Previous recommended version since Dec. 2010.

Graph structure:
  • The node "label" attribute is now optional.
  • <meta> should be placed before <graph>
  • Rename the "timetype" attribute to "timeformat". This attribute is set on <graph> to specify how time information is encoded, either like a date or like a double.
  • The "timeformat" is currently either float or date and default value is date. The float type is replaced by double, and is now the default value.
  • Added "timeformat" types: integer and xsd:dateTime. DateTime is equivalent to timestamps.
  • Add open intervals (non-inclusive): "startopen" and "endopen" attributes.
  • <slices> and "slice" are renamed <spells> and "spell" correspondingly because slices are a different concept as remarked.
  • Add viz attributes support for dynamics.
  • Add the alpha channel to RGB. Colors are now encoded in RGBA. It is a float from 0.0 (invisible) to 1.0 (fully visible). If omitted, the default alpha-value is 1.0 (no transparency).

1.1 - Gephi 0.7 compatible
Previous recommended version since 2009. Modules are stabilized and new ones appear: hierarchy and phylogeny.

1.0 - Gephi 0.6 compatible
Official specification produced in DTD during the year 2007. Basic topology, associated data and dynamics attempt constitute the core, plus a visualization extension. This version is now deprecated.

New versions

New versions follow 3 steps : proposal, and official specification. Some parts of the current format still require a "fire-proof testing" in an industrial context.