1.2 - Gephi 0.8 compatible
Current recommanded version since Dec. 2010.

Graph structure:
  • The node "label" attribute is now optionnal.
  • <meta> should be placed before <graph>
  • Rename the "timetype" attribute to "timeformat". This attribute is set on <graph> to specify how time information is encoded, either like a date or like a double.
  • The "timeformat" is currently either float or date and default value is date. The float type is replaced by double, and is now the default value.
  • Added "timeformat" types: integer and xsd:dateTime. DateTime is equivalent to timestamps.
  • Add open intervals (non-inclusive): "startopen" and "endopen" attributes.
  • <slices> and "slice" are renamed <spells> and "spell" correspondingly because slices are a different concept as remarked.
  • Add viz attributes support for dynamics.
  • Add the alpha channel to RGB. Colors are now encoded in RGBA. It is a float from 0.0 (invisible) to 1.0 (fully visible). If omitted, the default alpha-value is 1.0 (no transparency).

1.1 - Gephi 0.7 compatible
Previous recommanded version since 2009. Modules are stabilized and new ones appear: hierarchy and phylogeny.

1.0 - Gephi 0.6 compatible
Official specification produced in DTD during the year 2007. Basic topology, associated data and dynamics attempt constitute the core, plus a visualization extension. This version is now deprecated.

New versions

New versions follow 3 steps : proposal, and official specification. Some parts of the current format still require a "fire-proof testing" in an industrial context.